Olivia reviewed Smith Chiropractic LLC

I can't say enough good things about this place! Everyone here is friendly and helpful. Too many doctors expect you to wait forever and then send you out the door without a real understanding the care you're receiving. These guys are very kind and knowledgeable, and they want to genuinely want to help you feel better. I've never waited more than 10 minutes and every experience is pleasant. The absolutely highest standard of care and an extra plus for friendliness - I highly recommend!


Jack reviewed Smith Chiropractic LLC

Speaking as a colleague of both doctors, I can tell you that they are both well respected in the profession. Both are great people, family men and doctors.


Myles reviewed Smith Chiropractic LLC

Awesome Chiropractic Care. I had been to one before and it was okay but nothing special. Came to you guys with back pain. You not only addressed it but gave me better neck mobility (not an issue I knew I had). Very professional staff and atmosphere. You sold me on Chiropractic Care!


Monica reviewed Smith Chiropractic LLC

I want to thank Dr. Smith and his entire staff for helping in my recovery with professionalism and big hearts. They don't only treat ur pain, but they do everything with kindness and compassion. They r my ANGELS! They always go above and beyond. They are AWESOME AND AMAZING. If u need a Dr., this is the place to come to.


Jesse reviewed Smith Chiropractic LLC

Hands down thee best Doctors of Chiropractic in El Paso, if not the state of Texas, second to none!

Rhonda recommends Smith Chiropractic LLC.

Both of these doctors provide excellent care and have a superior bedside manner.

Janet recommends Smith Chiropractic LLC.

These doctors are the best and the staff is so helpful. Highly recommend them!

Morales recommends Smith Chiropractic LLC.

Both doctors are there for the patients

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